Here’s When Your Dick Stops Growing According to Science

We’ve all done it; we’ve all peaked into our boxers and wondered “will my dick get bigger?”

I’ve done some reading, and now I finally have the answer: maybe.

Just like the rest of your body (apart from the tissue on your ears and nose), your dick does eventually stop growing. Unlike the soft tissue that keeps growing until the day you die, your dick will unlikely continue to grow due to gravity… however, your balls probably will. The truth is that after puberty, your body pretty much stops growing. Your arms and legs won’t get any longer and neither will your peen.

When does your dick start to grow?

Your dick starts to grow when you hit puberty. You will probably hit puberty from anywhere 11-13 years of age. This is a magical time filled with foul body odor, zits, and hormonal outbursts… but most importantly, it’s the period of time where your dick sprouts to it’s full potential. If you’re reading this and you’re still in your teens, don’t fret. Your dick may still have more time left on its growing period.
When does your dick stop growing?

Puberty usually doesn’t end until around age 18, sometimes 19 or 20 if you are an especially late bloomer. So you can expect your dick to keep growing until around that age. So, don’t freak out if you think that you’re below average at the age of 12… you have plenty of time for growth, my dude. 

However, you do have to realize that there comes a point when your dick will stop growing. While your balls will continue their descent toward the ground with age, your dick will eventually stop elongating. 

What makes your dick grow?

The length of your dick has everything to do with hormone exposure (both in the early stages of life and during puberty). While some companies claim that testosterone supplements may help your dick elongate after puberty, there’s no studies that prove these claims.

However, you may have luck during puberty and during early stages of life.

If you’re a parent keep an eye on your young son’s penis size when they’re infants. If you notice that they have no dick to be seen, then you might want to take him in for a check-up. He might be developing a micropenis due to a hormone imbalance.

Don’t make your kid suffer ridicule by kids in locker rooms and girls later in his life, bring him to the doctor and have him checked out. If he has a hormone imbalance there are hormone regimens they can put your kid on to help his dick grow big and strong… think of it like milk! But instead of building strong bones, these hormones will help him develop a strong boner!

(See what I did there?)

Is there hope for your dick post-puberty?

In short: kind of. There is only one FDA approved implant for making your dick longer. It’s called the Penuma implant and the surgery costs a ton of money (around $15,000 to be exact-ish). You should really think long and hard about whether or not you want to get your dick operated on for a few extra inches.
While this surgery is relatively safe, you still run the risks that you do with any operation (loss of sensation, swelling, infection, and all the risks that come with being under anesthesia).

Plus, if you are to have this surgery you’ll have to obtain from sex for around six weeks. There’s also the chance that the implant can break or have to be readjusted. 

If you’re going to get a dick surgery, you should get this one. Because there are other cosmetic surgeries, but they’re more experimental, have less apparent results, and are a much more high risk than Penuma.

Plus, out of a survey of men who have had cosmetic surgery on their penises only around 30% of the men reported that they were satisfied with the results. Half of these men went on to have more surgery on their junk. That’s a lot of swollen dicks and months of recovery time, if you ask me.

So, as yourself if it’s worth it before you go throwing money at a surgeon.

What are you so worried about?

A lot of men are concerned about their dick size. But most guys who think that their dick is small actually have pretty average sized dicks. And honestly, that’s what women want…

No I’m serious. If you don’t believe me, I asked a few of my girlfriends and they all agreed that they’d rather date a guy with an average sized dick than a guy with a monster hiding out in their pants. Here’s what one of my friends had to say: “Honestly, I don’t want to fuck a guy with a forearm-sized dick. Why? Well, I want a guy with boyfriend dick. Yeah, boyfriend dick is a thing. Sure, having a one-night-stand with a guy with a huge dick is an adventure. It’ll be something you’ll remember and laugh about later, but you don’t want to date a guy with a huge cock. You don’t want to feel like you’re getting fisted every time you have sex. You want to be able to take his dick easily. Do you know how hard it is to give someone oral with a 12 inch dick? Well, it’s fucking hard. And it’s not fun. Girls want pleasure, not to get torn apart every time they have sex…”

Well, you heard it here folks… girls want boyfriend dick.

What can you do if you’re feeling insecure?

If you’re feeling insecure about your size the best cure is to get laid and to have good sex…Or if you want to see an improvement, you might want to lose some weight. Being fat does terrible things to your dick. Your dad bod, while stylish, may be hiding some of your shaft in fat.

I’m serious. You can make your dick look bigger by losing a few pounds.

You can also use pumps and cock rings in combination. They can make your dick look more imposing and substantial. Just be careful, you can bruise your dick the same way those girls bruised their lips doing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge on Youtube.

Suction can do some severe damage if you go overboard, but it can also feel excellent if you do it responsibly.

The same goes for cock rings, don’t use it too long or it can damage veins and nerves.

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