Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement Pills

The topic of size can be a sore spot for a lot of men. When it comes to how big your dick is, you might feel some insecurity. And it doesn’t help that most men are concerned with looking and performing like a porn star in bed, which by definition is looking huge and lasting forever.

When you look in the mirror if you don’t like what you see in terms of your muscle mass there’s a good possibility you can do something to change that. You can hit the gym, eat right, and you can change the way you live in order to change the way you look. But is there a gym and diet regimen for your dick? Can you lift proverbial weights to make your dick longer and stronger?

On porn sites and across the internet people are telling you that you can change the size of your dick if you buy this pill, or do this exercise, or that you can gain a few inches for only thirteen payments of $19.95! But is that true?

Well, we decided to look into all the different facets that are encompassed by the term “male enhancement” to find out what works definitively (if at all) when it comes to growing your shlong and lasting long. Here’s what we found out about this industry and the results these manufacturer’s promise: 

#1 Pills for Growth

If you have ever watched porn, which I know you have (because come on, you’re on this site, you have to have watched porn at this point), then you’ve seen those flashy banner ads that promise you a bigger dick or a thicker cock or some combination of the two with the added bonus of longer stamina.

We looked into some of the most popular growth pills online and found one thing to be consistent across the board: they’re almost all snake oil.

One of the only drugs that you can buy that is somewhat linked to penile growth is testosterone. A lot of the other stuff that you can buy that promises fast growth is likely to be more harmful to your system than at all healthy. And if you do decide to take testosterone for whatever reason, that isn’t something you should be doing without consulting a doctor… or at the very least WebMD. Plus, you’re going to run into a lot of pills that claim to have some compound in them, but they don’t even list the ingredients! Stay away!

Just like anything, too much of a good thing can be bad for your system. A lot of people who have taken testosterone without a doctor’s permission have reported hulking the fuck out on their friends and crazy mood swings only to have no results!

Honestly, it’s not worth it to put crazy synthetic chemicals into your body without knowing what they really do! The last thing you want to do is fuck up your entire body just because you were looking to make your dick longer and thicker.

#2 Boner Pills

If you’re the kind of guy that thinks he struggles with stamina, then you might be looking into getting boner pills! Sure, you can go for Viagra or Cialis, but these compounds are only healthy in small doses and for short periods of time. Plus, if you’re on any other medication, you must check to make sure that neither of these boner pills has a reaction to your current medication. Viagra and Cialis, as well as other male enhancement drugs, fuck with your blood pressure… the last thing you want to do is fuck up your cardiovascular system (which is kind of important if you think about it) because you thought you couldn’t last long in bed.

Plus, boner pills aren’t at all linked to growing your dick. People use these pills to make sure that they can have an erection in general. If you don’t struggle with erectile dysfunction the best these types of medicines can do is make your dick hard as fuck. But they’re synthetic, and in the long run, they aren’t going to make your boners harder… it actually might make it harder to get a boner in general if you stop using these chemicals.

Well, what about those gas station pills? Well, some of them aren’t necessarily harmful – like horny goat weed, that’s just plant extract! But there are pills that you can buy for a few bucks at any gas station that will fuck your shit up. Some of these pills are completely harmless or won’t give you a boner at all because they contain some other plant extracts.

But some pills like Trio Power Zen which will put the fear of death into you. There are other kinds of things you can find at a gas station or pretty easily online like poppers. These will make you horny, but they’re not linked to making your dick harder or bigger (and they usually give you a headache after the euphoria wears off). 

So don’t overdose on caffeine or poison and make sure you read the ingredients on this stuff if you insist on taking it. 

#3 Should You Stretch?

When it comes to lengthening your dick, a lot of people turn to traction devices or other kinds of things that promise to stretch your dick. These traction devices are usually used to treat diseases or damage to someone’s peen instead of stretching an average sized penis out a few extra inches.

People claim to have had success with traction devices over long periods of time. But the results are only a half an inch or so at best and require some serious stretching over months or years. If you’re looking to make your dick look more imposing fast, you’re likely to damage your wang while using this device.

People also resort to weights (which can maybe make your balls dangly over time but aren’t going to do much in the ways of stretching your dick out) or pumps in combination with rings. Pumps and rings are more likely to make your dick hard as physically possible than they are to make your dick any more significant than it already is. So if you’re after a big ol’ veiny dong, then you might want to invest in pumps and rings! Just make sure you don’t use them too much or, you can bruise the shit out of your dick. 

#4 A Note on Jelqing

For those of you that are familiar with Reddit and perhaps the darker sides of the internet, you may have come across forums that discuss Jelqing.

This technique that’s meant to be used to grow your dick is apparently of ancient Arabic origin. Which means that men have always been worried about size. But there is not solid proof that jelqing is or isn’t the product of Ancient Arabia or horny teens online. 

Some people have reported that they can gain a few centimeters (no, not inches, but at most 2 centimeters) from jelqing their dick over long periods of time, but not nearly as long as traction devices. In only a few months it’s rumored that you’ll start to see results. This is done by squeezing blood toward the end of your penis forcefully while at a semi-chub.

On the flip side, some people have reported that they’ve seriously damaged their dick by doing this. People have said that they’ve destroyed their ability to get full erections or have an orgasm. 

While the promise of length and girth is enticing, I would recommend staying far away from this technique because it’s potentially sex-life ending. 

#5 What About Surgery?

 When it comes to penile fillers, there are a ton of back ally doctors that promise that they can make your dick look bigger for cheap. However, it’s been shown that these fillers that are meant to make your dick look more imposing usually lead to heartbreak in the form of infection and impotence.

There is an FDA approved penile implant that will make your willy bigger in under an hour. This implant is called the Penuma and it just costs a little over $13,000. No big deal right?

For those people who do decide to drop that amount of money on dick surgery, they have to commit to abstinence for over six weeks while their man meet heals completely. While this surgery is insanely effective and people do have longer, happier penises because of it, it is stupid expensive. Personally, I’d rather buy a car than a whole new cock at that price.

Plus, who really wants to admit to their doctor that they’re insecure about their dick in the first place? Penis surgery is insanely painful and uncomfortable to recover from. Can you imagine? Dick stitches! That sounds absolutely terrible.

Honestly, I’d only recommend this to guys who almost have a straight up micropenis and possibly a trust fund. Otherwise, I’d skip this extreme medical solution in favor of something more natural. 

Hold On… How Big is Average Anyway?

How have we gotten this far talking about dicks without talking about the average penis size? Just based off watching porn you might think that the average penis size is about as long and as thick as your forearm, but boy are you wrong!

In fact, the average penis size is around 5 inches long, and that’s it! This news may come as a surprise to you, but it’s true… the average isn’t enormous. And most guys who are indeed average think that they’re well below average. A lot of this is due to hypermasculinity in general and more specifically in porn. 

So, if you’re a 5-incher, then you have nothing to be worried about! But you might be thinking that women don’t want average, they want a big fat dong to sit on. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong again!

While you probably have never heard of this term, women and gay men are very familiar with the concept of boyfriend dick. While you might think that female satisfaction equates to not being able to walk straight the next day because they got fucked by with a guy with a big ol’ dick, you’re wrong. Girls want dick that won’t destroy their lives every night. They want dick that is a reasonable size.

A lot of women maintain that having a guy who’s huge in the bedroom is fun every once in a while, but that it’s not sustainable when it comes to repeat fucks or relationships. They’d rather get fucked by someone who is good in bed and who is of average size on a regular basis than someone’s huge because after a while it just fucking hurts.

Size matters in the sense that girls don’t want to have to ask “is it in?” when it definitely is, but not in the sense that they want their guts rearranged on a regular basis. For real guys, it’s not the size of the wave; it’s the motion of the ocean. 

#7 What Really Works:

When it comes down to it, pills and yanking on your dick until it breaks isn’t going to help you at all. What can really improve your size and stamina is living a healthy lifestyle.

Instead of using pills or surgery as a quick fix you should look to living a healthy lifestyle. Sure, working out and eating right is hard but you’ll have much more stamina in bed, and you might see an increase in dick size!

Think about it, when you work out you release testosterone which can help with increasing penis size. Plus, if you lose a little weight around your stomach area and thighs, you might discover some of your shaft that’s been hiding in your body fat! This is the most natural and effective kind of male enhancement there is!

If you do want to take supplements, look for natural pills that contain plant extracts and not crazy chemicals you can’t pronounce. There are plenty of natural remedies that will help you boost your sex drive, your stamina, and help you in bed.

Additionally, if you’re concerned about lasting longer in bed, you should try edging. Unlike jelqing, which can be painful and cause nerve damage, edging will just help you control your orgasm and help you not be as sensitive when you’re having sex.

So don’t break your dick or cause a heart attack with sketchy drugs. Live a healthy lifestyle, feed your body (and your libido) and you’ll be just fine in the dong department. 

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