We Tried the Top 3 Erection Pills. Here’s What Happened

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want bigger, stronger, firmer erections?  While it’s seldom talked about openly, most men experience a decrease in their erection quality during some point in their life.

Whether it’s due to natural aging, stress from work or home, or depression, erections can become weaker for a man at any age.  Thankfully, there are a handful of ingredients, natural I might add, that can help support strong and frequent erections.

Of course, many people are skeptical of so-called erection pills, and they are right to be.  Many supplements claiming to augment your erections aren’t as effective as they claim.  However, there are several erection pills that actually do work.

And while you can go the pharmaceutical route by asking your doctor for viagra, you should know that the natural alternatives can be just as effective, and not include any unwanted side effects. 

So we took the hard work out and tested the top three dick pills sold above the counter in America so you don’t have to. Of course, we don’t hold back from shameless promoting our very own dick pill created here at Res Erection. Instead of getting questionable dick pills from gas stations and walmart (as you’ll soon see) you can buy Res Erection easily online and receive it in under a day with amazon prime shipping.

#1 Libigrow

Libigrow is a dick pill commonly found at gas stations and liquor stores, so finding them tends to be pretty straightforward.  They are great to pick up before a night of partying or before a hot date if you just want a little bit of extra confidence.

The packaging isn’t that discrete, so you’ll want to pop the pill and discard the wrapper after unless you want someone finding out that you’re popping gas station dick pills.

The ingredients boast several compounds known to increase sex drive and blood flow.

Erection quality really comes down to having a strong sex drive and having adequate blood flow to your junk (vasodilation).  So most effective erection solutions should have ingredients that do both.

While Libigrow contains several ingredients, the most notable is pomegranate extract which has a long body of scientific research supporting it’s effectiveness at increasing blood flow to your penis.

We tried Libigrow and while it didn’t knock our socks off, it certainly has some positive effect on erection quality.  All in all, we give it 3 stars out of 5.  If you looking for a fast and easy way to increase your confidence and your erections then picking up a Libigrow is a fast and easy way to do that.

#2 Rhino 

Rhino dick pills are also commonly found at gas stations, liquor stores, and smoke shops.  They are less common to see than a few years ago because the company took some heat for allegedly slipping viagra into some of the pills.  Hey, I’m gonna be honest, I don’t really have a problem with it, but clearly, some people do.

Rhino dick pills work great.  When you pop a Rhino dick pill you can expect to be having stronger and more frequent erections than what you’re used to.  Rhino is the perfect pill to have if you plan on drinking and you want to avoid dreaded whiskey-dick.

They’re also great if you just want to have a little extra energy and stamina in the bedroom that night.  The effects tend to last about 24 hours so you don’t need to worry much about when you take the pill.

All in all, the effectiveness of this gas station dick pill is unrivaled.  However, due to their scarcity, they can be harder to find than other mainstream erection pills.  Also, if it bothers you that the company was accused of putting pharmaceutical grade components in the pill then best to skip this one.  We give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

#3 Extenze

This over the counter dick pill can be found at gas stations and also at drugstores such as Walgreens.  While access is easy to get this erection pill we can’t recommend it much.

Although everyone’s body will respond differently to dick pills, our experience with this dick pill is that it’s not terribly effective and actually can cause some unwanted side effects.

Extenze contains DHEA, and Pregnenolone, which naturally decrease with age and aid in testosterone production, something that is great for erections.  However, if you’re not 40+ you typically will not feel the effect of taking these ingredients, and it could even shut down your natural testosterone production (bad).

Also, we tend to not recommend dick pills that contain Yohimbe, as it can in rare cases have effects on your heart health.  Since Extenze contains Yohimbe, DHEA, and Pregnenolone we just cannot recommend this dick pill.

Never the less, if you still want to try it and see how it works, it’s always worth a shot.  But if you’re looking for a one-stop shop to safely and effectively improve your erections then of course you can try one of the dick pills mention above. If you’re looking for more effective strategies to grow your dick or how pornstars grow their dick then check out our other articles.

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