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Sadly, older men like you and I have been known to experience some - inefficiencies - now and then in the bedroom.

Nobody likes talking about it - and for a good reason. It's embarrassing!

It doesn't matter if you're a six-foot-seven billionaire with a twelve-car garage - having a floppy dick is still embarrassing.

And since Roman known how demoralizing it can be to sit in a doctors office and answer a bunch of penis-related questions, they've decided to make it easier on everyone. Let's check it out.

First Impressions

Nothing is more embarrassing than picking up an erectile dysfunction medication at a pharmacy populated entirely by cute girls. Trust me; I've been there before.

And while picking up said medication might be mortifying, the doctor's appointments you'll have to schedule in order to get there is another pain entirely. In 2019, getting yourself an ED medication is just too damned complicated - that's where Get Roman comes into play.

Get Roman offers consumers the chance to get their ED medication online from a certified medical practitioner. All you have to do is fill out a quick online questionnaire, and you're done.

With Roman, you don't even need to enter a video chat with a doctor - just take the quiz, and all that's left to do is wait for your approval - which should arrive within a few days at the longest.

With a prescription process this easy, you have to ask yourself if it's legit. And well, yes. It's 100% legit and legal.

Get Roman's prescription process isn't just for erectile dysfunction, as customers can take quizzes for hair loss, testosterone deficiencies, and much more.

As I was taking my own questionnaire, I noticed that there was no way for me to go back and correct my answers. I guess they make it that way so that people can't change their mind about their answers, in an effort to get their drug of choice.

Pretty smart, but still a little annoying for people that genuinely click the wrong answer.

Anyways, from that I can tell so far, this site has a lot to offer in terms of services. Let's check out their features and see what else this revolutionary new site has to offer us.


Roman offers its customers a wide variety of medications to choose from including, generic Viagra, Viagra, and Cialis - and that's just the medication they have for erectile dysfunction.

There are plenty more where those came from since the site gives you so many treatment options for so many medical problems. It's really quite amazing how many medications you can purchase online from little more than an advertisement.

The site has a full navigation menu dedicated to the possible medical issues you might be experiencing. The menu includes options for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, premature ejaculation, cold sores, and genital herpes.

However, if you want to quit smoking cigarettes, or reduce the size of your enlarged prostate, then Roman might have exactly what you need.

Honestly, this site has just about everything a man could ever need in terms of medical supplies. On a side note - you should probably go see a real doctor if your prostate is enlarged because that is no joke.

Anyway, the hair loss section comes with options for medications such as Finasteride and Minoxidil. When used in tandem, these medications can do wonders for your hairline.

I would know. My hair started falling out when I was 26, so the fact that this stuff is available to just about anyone is mind-blowing. You kids really have it easy these days, don't you?

Another clever feature that sets Roman apart from the rest is the dosages. Since people obviously shouldn't be creating their own prescriptions or doses, the medical professionals at Roman will do it for you.

The site will require you do take a blood pressure test before any medications are permitted for a prescription, so if you're not doing too well in the blood pressure department, then you might want to reconsider buying.

However, if you're doing just OK, then your (online) doctor will prescribe you with a lower dose that's more - your speed.

After all, nobody wants to end up like Dan Bilzarian after he did coke and Viagra non-stop for four days straight.


There are a ton of pricing options on Roman, so lets first start with erectile dysfunction meds and move on from there.

Sildenafil (Viagra) - $34 per dose.

Sildenafil (Generic Viagra) - $2 - $10 per dose.

Tadalafil (Cialis) - $17 - $69 per does. This can end up costing you just under $400 per month if you're not careful.

Tadalafil (Generic Cialis) - $11 - $44 per dose. This can add up to about $240 per month.

Finasteride (Generic Propecia) for hair loss - $24 per month

Valacyclovir (Generic Valtrex) for genital herpes - $14 per month

Sertraline (Generic Zoloft) for premature ejaculation - $24 per month

Benzocaine for premature ejaculation - $27 per month

Alright, now that we have these medications all layed out, feel free to browse them and see if there are any viable options for you. Of course, you'll need to first speak with your online doctor.


This doesn't really have anything to do with the service provided, but Get Roman's site is beautifully designed. The sidebar is gorgeous, and there aren't any advertisement placements, the reviews are honest, and the color pallet is lovely.

The ease of use you get with Get Roman is unparallelled. I can't think of another site that gives users access real prescription medications at the touch of a few buttons.

Of course, when handing online users medication with little else other than a survey to justify it, the rules are going to be a little more strict than your average "skype a doctor for a weed card" bit.

You need to upload a few photos of yourself, your ID, and some other information that can get very specific. But fear not, because these setbacks are all in the name of safety.

If safety is thrown out of the window, these drugs can be fairly dangerous to people with high blood pressure and so on, so it's a great thing to include on a site like this. Some might even say it's non-negotiable. I would agree.

The site has dozens of committed doctors on call who are willing to give people the medications they need without having to endure the embarrassment that they don't.

And isn't that the biggest pro on this list? The ability to get medications delivered straight to your doorstep, as opposed to driving all the way to the store, only to face a cute girl holding your Valtrex prescription.

So for that Roman, I applaud you.

Keep up the good work.


While the site might look amazing, the performance is far from it. The main issues I have to rely around the site's clutter.

There is just too much damn stuff going on with the menus, the sidebars, and the personal reviews. I just feel like my screen is so full of garbage, that I can't even get to my much-needed medications.

The site takes safety very seriously, so questions for the doctors are encouraged. However, the team seems to take their time when replying to messages. That means you could be waiting up to a full two days before they get back to you.

Other than these few issues, the site (and service) is virtually flawless.

I only wish there was a way to get my meds without walking to my front door, but I guess this will work for now.


Get Roman offers users the ability to simply fill out a survey, send some information, and receive the drugs they need, straight to their front door.

It sounds like something out of a dystopian future, but it's very real. No doctors appointments needed, no pharmacists needed, and the best part is - it's actually kind of cheap.

All things considered, I think Roman might be one of the best ways possible for people like you and me to receive our medications discretely.

And for that reason, I'm giving this site 4/5 stars.

Their website is gorgeous and easy to use, their doctors are certified, and their verification process is simple.

I mean, what's not to like? Go check it out now!

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