How to Make Your Penis Bigger Using Science

There’s no shame in admitting that your penis is less than what people consider to be big (around 7-8 inches), and wanting to change that. If you wish that you could grow your penis larger without using weird viagra pills that provide a temporary fix, I hear you, and so do doctors.

There are so many products out there targeted towards men who want to make their penis bigger that don’t always work and only provide temporary length. There’s been plenty of scientific research conducted in the last five years that’s advanced the ways for men to grow their penis, and one of these ways is through plastic surgery.

Yeah, the stuff that Kylie Jenner has.

Plastic surgery, if you didn’t already know, isn’t only for women. Millions of men enjoy the corrective procedures of plastic surgery for anything they want to change on their face and bodies, such as getting facelifts, tummy-tucks, pectoral implants – oh, and yeah, genital enhancement. That’s the term used for any penis enhancements used by plastic surgeons. You can get a genital enhancement to not only lengthen your penis, but to also increase it girth size, and even get a scrotum reduction, as well as testicular implants.

So just like Kylie’s lips have grown in size and shape with lip fillers, your penis can do that, too, despite what you may have been told.

The way it works for making your penis bigger, though, in terms of lengthening is that it will increase your non-erect penis length. On average, you could expect to gain about 1.5 inches in length from a penis lengthening surgery for your erect length, but it’s unsure how much you’ll actually gain while erect prior to the surgery. When you get the surgery, it’ll be conducted under general anaesthetic.

How they do it is by releasing the internal part of your penis by dividing the ligament that holds it in place, then, a muscle technique will be used to make sure the surgery performs its long-term effects. Liposuction is also used sometimes to the area above your penis if it’s too full, and masking the true length of your penis shaft. You’ll get some medication prescribed for the pain once the surgery is complete, but by the 5th day, you should feel fine.

If you want to make sure you keep the extra length from the surgery, you need to follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions very carefully. These can include wrapping your penis and wearing weights for about 12 weeks, and despite what you might think or want to do, must avoid sexual activity for 3 to 4 weeks, and high energy sports for six weeks.

If you want to increase your penis’ girth size, as mentioned, there’s a procedure for that, too. A penile grith enhancement is a good option if your penis is already long, but might need some thickness added to it. Fat injections are used on your penis to enlarge its circumference or width, and is done under general anaesthesia, as well. They will usually take the fat from your abdomen through a smalll incision and is injected just under your foreskin if you have it, below the head of your penis.

You will have to get some stitches on your penis, but you won’t have to worry about taking them out since they’re dissolvable, and the incisions made on your penis tend to heal without any scarring. Aftercare for this type of enhancement surgery includes wrapping your penis in soft rolled dressing cloth to keep the fat evenly distributed.

But should you experience any unevenness in the first few days along the length of your penis, you can correct it by moving the injected fat into the area that’s lacking. Sometimes you’ll get an uneven contour due to some of the fat that was injected reabsorbing into the body, but to correct this, you’ll have to get further fat injections later on.

There are also a few side effects to consider before you get the surgery associated with anaesthesia. Some common side effects of anaesthesia, and that can occur after the surgery are nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, hoarse voice, and confusion. Anaesthesia can also increase your risk of pneumonia, heart attack, and stroke. Other side effects that you may experience from the surgery is pain from erection and some loss of penis sensations during the first few weeks, but it is temporary.

Just remember that these side effects concerning your penis are more likely to occur in people who don’t follow the aftercare instructions, so make sure you’re following the directions carefully.

Another thing that people may not understand about penile enhancement surgeries is that the shape of your penis afterward is not guaranteed. You can end up with a shape that you hate even worse than what you had before if you’re not clear in communicating with your surgeon your expectations of what you would like your penis to look like beforehand. Making sure that you’re clear about where you want more fat in your penis if you’re getting the girth enhancement surgery, or how much more realistically you can lengthen your penis, are important discussions to have to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the outcome.

If you feel like you’ve done enough research on the procedures, and are ready to continue with your penis enlargement journey, then go ahead and Google search for plastic surgeons near you, and get to planning. Just like you’ve done research on the surgery, you should conduct some for your potential surgeon. Look up the clinics you’re thinking of going to, then research their clientele. Often, plastic surgeons will have Instagram or Facebook pages where they show their work, and if not, you can usually find it on the clinics’ website.

If you want to stop buying products that claim to enlarge your penis, or don’t want to wait for those “natural remedies” like losing weight and getting fit, then plastic surgery might be an option to consider. But it’s a decision that should be taken with serious consideration; you might think your penis needs some extra length, but that could just be you being hard on yourself.

But if it’s something you really want to do, then go for it!

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