How to Make Your Dick Grow Without Pills

So, you want to make your dick grow without the use of pills.  Maybe you don’t think dick pills work, or maybe you just haven’t found the right one.

Whatever the case may be, there are a few proven methods to make your dick grow without the use of medications, supplements, or pills altogether.

#1 Jelqing

Jelqing is the technique of gently forcing extra blood into your penis through massage.  Although we won’t cover the exact specifics on how to Jelq your penis for growth, there are several forums and blog posts which can explain how to do it in details.

The just of Jelqing is that by daily and continuous massage of your penis, forcing extra blood into it, it will slowly grow in size.  Jelqing takes tremendous dedication and commitment, and results come slowly, over years.  Several people share their success stories online but I can tell you from personal experience that Jelqing can actually be dangerous, here’s why.

Massaging your penis in an unnatural way, including Jelqing, can cause the rupturing of penile arteries and veins – which means less blood flow to your junk (all bad).  Jelqing can destroy the natural blood flow mechanisms which help you achieve an erection in the first place.  And what good is a big dick, if you can’t get it hard.

#2 Penis pumps

Penis pumps have been popularized through pop culture in films such as Austin Powers “that’s not my bag baby!”.  And while penis pumps do force more blood into the penis, making it appear larger, penis pumps are in general hazardous for dick health.

Numerous men have “fucked themselves up” using penis pumps and other penis extending equipment, leaving them in a worse place than when they started.  Again penis pumps can damage the natural arteries, veins, and valves which help you penis become erect naturally.

So how CAN you get a bigger dick safely and effectively?

The answer lies in lifestyle changes and supplements, yes pills.  

Simply put, a man’s penis grows mainly during puberty, when testosterone and growth hormone are highest.  Frequent night time (and daytime) erections during puberty force hormone and nutrient-rich blood into the penis to help it grow.  

So the best way to grow your penis after puberty is to get your body in a similar state that it was in during puberty.  

This requires optimizing your testosterone, growth hormone, and nitric oxide levels.  While I could write a whole book on each of these key ingredients to dick growth, I will briefly cover what you can do right now to get your levels up.

#3. Optimize Testosterone

There are great courses and literature regarding increasing your testosterone levels naturally.  If you’re an older gentleman you can also consider hormone replacement therapy.  And if you truly want to live on the edge (not recommended) you can increase your testosterone levels synthetically using prohormones and steroids.  The easiest way to increase your testosterone cheaply is to start supplementing with zinc which can be found at many grocery and supplement stores.

#4. Optimize Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is released while you sleep, so it’s important to catch those zees.  Try taking 1 gram of both l arginine and l orthonine before bed which has been clinically shown to increase growth hormone production naturally.  The other option, best suited for older gentlemen, is to see a doctor about getting synthetic growth hormone injections – which naturally declines with age.

#5. Optimize Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is a naturally produced vasodilator ( it opens up blood vessels in your body and penis for increased blood flow).  Nitric oxide levels can decrease based on diet and lifestyle choices.  The easiest way to increase your nitric oxide is to supplement with l arginine (also good for growth hormone) or l citrulline.  If you wanted to go the pharmaceutical route, drugs like viagra inhibit the destruction of nitric oxide and therefore keep your levels higher.

All in all, growing your dick with or without pills can be a bit of a challenge.  Really, your focus should be on increasing the quality (thickness, hardness, and frequency) of your erections.  Having a stronger erection will actually make your dick larger and allow for your dick to grow naturally, as it did in puberty.  

Even if you’re skeptical of supplementation including pills to accomplish this, we recommend you read some of our other posts and try the recommended products. And if you come around to the idea of using a natural pill like Res Erection to grow your dick and achieve firmer and bigger erections, we invite you to try our product today!

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