How to Grow Your Penis Like Top LA Pornstars

Odds are if you’re a guy, you’ve probably seen my dick.

Honestly, I’ve been in so many porn videos I’ve completely lost count. Between shooting for well-known studios like Brazzers and doing stuff on my own to sell on Only Fans, I spend more time naked and on camera than I do clothed, period. I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but it does have its downsides.

A lot of people regard my dick as one of the nicest, biggest dicks in porn. I’m just waiting for someone to ask me to make a dildo eventually! I’m waiting for that call, so if any dildo manufacturers are reading – here’s looking at you, Doc Johnson – you should hit me up!

Believe it or not, my dick wasn’t always as nice as it is now. Before I started porn, I was more insecure about my dick than anything else on my body. And yet here I am, one of the most in-demand porn stars out there!

Since most of the advertising on porn sites is either for more porn or dick pills, I figured that I’m one of the most qualified people to make a statement about my experience with dick pills and my dick growth journey with the internet! So, here are my secrets on how I grew my dick: 

#1 The mistakes I made:

There was a period of time where you could pretty much sell me anything if I thought it would add an inch to my dick.

The truth was that I was overweight, depressed, and living a sexless life. Instead of looking at the real problems that were plaguing my life, I thought that if I could grow my dick a little bit, then my life would change for the better.

I was stocking up on Viagra and Cialis in hopes that I’d have raging boners and that I’d last forever in bed. Plus, was buying oils and pills online that didn’t do very much for me in hind site. I was taking so much shit that I started just not to feel good. One pill even made me so dizzy I thought I needed to go to the hospital. I had no energy, I was grumpy, and my dick was still the same size that it was in the beginning.

Then I thought that if I couldn’t take a magical boner pill to make my dick huge, then I could try stretching it. I was broke so surgery was out of the question, and thank god it wasn’t because I probably would have gotten some sketchy implant and rotted my dick clear off my body. I found some stretching techniques online that were extremely painful, but I tried them for a few weeks nonetheless. I only stopped with the pumps and the pulling and the stretching when I couldn’t get a proper erection for a few weeks (that will scare the shit out of any man).

After a while, I realized I was doing more harm to myself than anything else. I took a break from trying to stretch my dick and focused on things that were a little more important, ya know, like my overall health. 

#2 Getting in the gym:

I noticed that women had completely stopped looking at me unless they were handing me coffee or fast food, so I decided to do something about it. 

I traded in McDonald’s for protein powder and prework out before finally committing to a gym membership. I stopped worrying about how big my dick was for a little bit and started concerning myself with how big my gut had gotten. 

Getting in the gym was hard at first. I didn’t feel like I fit in there at all. If you’ve ever seen me naked (which I know you have) then you know that I’m by no means a huge guy. I don’t have the body type that would ever allow for Arnold Schwartzenegger level gains, But I did want to see what muscle-ly potential I could unlock in myself. I’m a much leaner guy than a lot of the beasts that frequented the gym, so I was intimidated at first. 

I started to see results, and I stopped caring about who was looking at me while I worked out. I noticed that my moods got better along with my overall stamina (in all things). Once my beer belly flattened out with the help of cardio and weights, I noticed that my dick actually did look bigger. Apparently, some of your dick can hide in the fat around your lower stomach, so I did technically make my dick bigger by losing weight! 

I also noticed that it just looked all around more substantial and that I was able to last much longer in bed (now that women were willing to sleep with me again). I did some googling, and the increase in testosterone that comes with a regular workout regimen can help with your boner! 

Changing my diet

After I stopped eating like an absolute pig, I noticed a huge difference in my sexual stamina as well. 

Instead of gorging on fatty foods I started eating more vegetables and lean meat. I stopped eating meat altogether on Mondays too (because I’m not only hot, but I’m environmentally conscious, the ladies love that). The women I was sleeping with at the time told me that my cum started to taste sweeter or like nothing and less like poison, especially on days where I didn’t eat meat. Now, before I do a scene, I make sure that I don’t eat meat beforehand out of consideration for my co-star.

When I go get my protein I always make sure to pick up supplements. I started looking for supplements that promoted testosterone production and vascular health, which obviously have everything to do with your dick. I noticed that when I took vitamins high in CoQ10, DHEA, and Omega-3s that my boners were much more substantial!

I kicked cigarettes throughout this process as well, and I noticed that not only did I feel healthier, but I was able to last much longer during sex. 

The truth is that I didn’t need to grow my dick at all. There was a part of my dick that was hidden (literally, in my fat) all along! I just had to find it! I also needed to take much better care of myself. 

The next time you look down at your dick, and you feel disappointed keep in mind that men are over 500 times more likely to watch porn than women. The dicks you see in porn are well above average in size and girth, so you shouldn’t be worried about being that size because women hardly watch porn and you’re probably above average in the first place.

When it comes to your dick size, you should be more concerned with your overall health. Your dick will be healthier, rock hard, and perform better if you take care of the rest of yourself!

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