We Asked Male Porn Stars How to Get a Bigger Dick…

It’s no secret that the most of the male performers in the porn industry are well endowed.

It can make most guys questions the size of their own package.  And while nature does play a big roll in your dick size, thankfully there are plenty of tactics to “nurture” your package to grow longer.

Surprisingly, not all male Porn Stars were born with huge dicks – many simply improved what they were given using proven methods to get a bigger dick.

So we headed to San Fernando Valley, the capital of the porn industry to interview some of the top talent on how they are able to optimize their natural dick size.  While we can’t release the names of the stars we interviewed, we can summarize how they got a bigger dick, without using surgery or other dangerous methods.

Method 1: Work with what god gave you

The entire porn industry leads men to believe you have to have a monster dong.  Truth be told, you really only need a 5 to 7 inch dick (provided you know what your doing) to please most women.  Sure there are women out there who crave larger dicks, but for the most part it’s not necessary to have a huge dong to have a very fulfilling love life.  In fact, most women will actually get uncomfortable or even feel pain during sex if your penis exceeds 7 inches.

The key here is confidence – namely, accepting what you’ve already got and knowing that it’s good enough.  It might sound cliche, or simply might not be what you want to hear, but most men simply don’t need a 8 inch cock.

Now since we’re on the subject, and since most men probably are interested in making some gains on their dick size and girth, we can touch on some natural ways to grow your dick by getting more blood flowing to your penis – ultimately giving you a bigger dick.

However, don’t expect miracles.  If you have a 5 inch dick, and you want to get it bigger, don’t expect to have an 8 inch monster dong overnight, or ever.  What you can expect is to see modest gains in girth, hardness, and length – maybe an extra 10-20% on all those metrics, provided you can maximize the blood flow to your junk.

Method 2: Get your nitric oxide levels pumping

Nitrix oxide is a gas that gets released into the bloodstream and relaxes blood vessels, allowing them to open wider and allow more blood flow.  This is the key to getting a bigger dick, safely and naturally.

Conversely if you have problems with nitric oxide, your cardio vascular health, and erections will suffer, and this definitely is one of the major causes of erectile disfunction.

Do Cardio

Cardio is gods natural viagra.  Simply going on a job, swiming, or some other type of aerobic evercise that gets the blood flow pumping is going to increase your nitric oxide levels for the 24 hour period after.

Since most of us live a pretty sedentary lifestyle – office jobs, television, general laziness – you get the picture, simply going on a 30 minute run every day can make a remarkable difference.

Also losing weight can be a natural remedy for growing your dick; it unearths a little bit of your shaft out of fat, making your dick look bigger!

Eat Nitrates

Nitrix oxide is composed of nitrogen.  So to get more nitric oxide in your body, you’re going to need to increase your intake of nitrogen from food.  The biggest source of nitrates, natural nitrogen rich molecules found in nature, is to eat a ton of leafy greens – kale, arugula, spinach, beets, and cabbage.  You can also consume these foods in the form of juice if you have an organic juice bar in your neighborhood or juicer at home.

The easiest way is salad – if you can eat a huge salad for lunch everyday, you’ll definitely start seeing improvements in the bedroom.  One important thing is that cooking the veggies destroys the nitrate molecules, so whatever you do, please eat these vegetables raw.

And if vegetables aren’t your thing, that’s okay.  You can get beetroot powder pretty easily, I’ve included a link to my favorite brand currently selling on amazing.  Beets are packed with nitrates and are definitely going to get more blood flowing.

Stop smoking

Nothing kills your circulatory system (and therefore dick) faster than smoking cigarettes.  The smoke and tar entering your lungs ends up in your arteries, viens, and capillaries ultimately causing inflammation and hardening of the arteries.  This ultimately means less blood flow to your dick during an erection, and a smaller erection size in general.

If you’re a smoker, try switching to vaping – which is still a burden on the circulatory system, but will make a big improvement.  If you’re a casual smoker or smoke when you’re drinking, then don’t.

Supplement if you can afford it

Supplementation with a quality dick pill, or simply raw ingredients is a great option to grow your dick naturally if you can afford it.  Supplements can be pricey but they are well worth it, and used extensively in the porn industry.

Probably the most talked about supplement to grow your dick is L-Arginine which is going to support nitric oxide levels.  However, there are a few less-known compounds that can significantly increase blood flow to your dick.

Ideally, you can find a quality dick pill Like Res Erection that includes all these ingredients into one easy to take pill.  The alternative is popping 10-20 pills today and keeping a pantry filled with supplements, which can make a bad impression.  It’s also simply a pain to have to take 10-20 different supplements to get the results you’re looking for.

When you’re considering supplementing to increase your dick size keep in mind a few key ingredients.  The main one is Pycogenol, which is relatively unknown.  One scientific study even showed that men with erectile dysfunction supplementing with a combination of l arginine and Pycogenol we’re cured in less than a week – achieveng normal erections again.

Now assuming you don’t have erectile dysfunction and you’re simply looking to increase blood flow for a fuller, harder, and bigger penis, you can supplement daily (or before sexual activity) with a combination of Pycogenol and L Arginine.  The results speak for themselves, and again, if you’re not interested in having to take a handful of pills everyday, look for a quality dick pill that contains all of these key ingredients.  

Optimize your testosterone levels

The other big factor in making your dick bigger (other than nitric oxide and cardiovascular health) is making sure that your testosterone levels stay high.  Modern lifestyle is filled with environment chemicals that suppress our natural endocrine system.  The result is that there is an epidemic of low testosterone in today’s men.

If you suspect you have the symptoms of low t, you can ask your doctor to do a blood test to find out more.  Of course doctors can prescribe testosterone replacement in the form of topical cream or weekIy injections – but if you’re not interested in going the pharmaceutical route, you’re in luck.

Theres several things you can do to boost your testosterone levels naturally, and while I can’t go into every detail here, the bible of natural testosterone optimization is the TestShock program.

It come’s highly recommended, and increasing your testosterone will absolutely result in harder, longer, and thicker erections – giving you a meaningful increase in your dick size.

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