Here’s How Much Penis Enlargement Surgery Actually Costs

When you look in your pants, do you ever wish you were just a little bit bigger? Well, that’s how most guys feel… unless they have a monster dick.

Unless your dick is so big, you pass out from the blood rushing to your boner you’re probably a little obsessed with your length. Your dick would be perfect if only it were just a little longer am I right? It would be the 8th wonder of the world if only it were just an extra inch or two longer. But you can’t change your dick, can you?

Well, if you’re looking for an extra inch, you might be able to do more than just hope or dream. While penis enlargement surgery may have just seemed like a myth, it’s actually a real thing.

Yes, your wildest dreams are finally realized! So long as you can afford the surgery, that is.

The Penuma Penis Enlargement Surgery

The Penuma Penis Enlargement surgery is the only penial enlargement surgery that has been cleared by the FDA. So technically you might have some other options overseas, but if I were you, I would not trust your family jewels on an experimental penis enlargement surgery in Mexico (I mean come on, have you seen Botched!?). The last thing you need is dead tissue where it really matters: your dick.


So, how can you get the Penuma Surgery? Well, unless you have a medical problem with your penis (Erectile dysfunction, micropenis, buried penis, or a penial injury), you’re going to have to pay out of pocket.

If you are unlucky enough to have one of these disorders, your insurance may cover all or some of the cost of the surgery.

If your dick works, you’re going to have to put down a $2,500 deposit followed by $13,000 for the operation which brings the grand total to over $15K. Now that’s a lot out of pocket to achieve one more inch, but it’s your life (and your dick) so who am I to judge!?

The Surgery

Okay, so let’s talk about the surgery. While you may have a lot of nicknames for your junk, we’re going to use some medical terms instead of what you might be used to when talking about your peen, so buckle up for this much-needed vocab lesson:Your dick is made of three primary structures:

Corpus cavernosa: Which refers to the two cylindrical pieces of tissue that run along the top of your penis.

Corpus spongiosum: which is the one round piece of tissue that runs along the bottom of your dick and surrounds your urethra.

The Penuma – which is a crescent-shaped piece of medical silicone – is inserted under the skin of your penis to make your member both longer and broader. It comes in 3 different sizes (large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large) because a man needs options. The Penuma is made to fit your specific penis (because like snowflakes, no dick is quite the same) and it’s inserted over the corpus cavernosa like a sheath.

This is done through an incision right above the base of your peen. The Penuma stretches the skin and tissue around your dick to make your penis both look and feel more substantial.

The Results (and Side Effects)

If you look at the averages, most penises are around 3.6 inches long while flaccid, and 5.2 inches long will erect. So, the Penuma can extend the average penis size to be somewhere around 6.1 inches when soft and 7.7 inches when erect.

The recovery for this surgery is relatively minimal. You can go home the same day as your procedure, with the surgery only taking around 45 minutes to complete. You’ll have to go for a follow up a few days later and you’ll experience some swelling… oh, and you’ll have to swear off masturbation and sexual activity for about six weeks after your surgery. No big deal right? The abstinence is totally worth it for a few extra inches right!?

This surgery carries the same risks as most cosmetic surgery. Along with the dangers that come with Anesthesia you may experience pain and infection of the implant as well as stitches coming apart or breakage of the implant and/or blood clots around the implant. While these side effects sound somewhat substantial, they are no different from what you may experience after liposuction, tummy tuck, or a breast implant.

While you may be tempted to opt for a less expensive operation, you really shouldn’t go the cheaper route.

If you think that the side effects for the Penuma surgery sound intense, non-FDA approved surgeries run the risk of you losing all sensation as well as more severe infections, dead tissue, and greater nerve damage.

Plus, people usually are dissatisfied with the results of these cheaper albeit more dangerous surgeries with 65% being dissatisfied with the results and 50% resorting to getting more surgery (whether it be for further aesthetic changes or corrective surgery to repair damage).


But before you throw down $15k on penis enlargement surgery, there are other (cheaper) methods of enlargement that you can try. If you’re overweight, you can try losing weight. While you won’t be enlarging your penis by losing weight, you can lose belly fat which usually buries part of the shaft of your peen.

Whether you believe it or not, there might be a couple of inches of your dick hidden in your beer belly. While dad bods may be in, you might consider getting fit in order to be happier with your dick. I know that losing weight is more of a journey than a surgery is, but a gym membership will only cost you a couple of hundred bucks a month (at the most), while penis enlargement surgery will cost you an upwards of $15k… why not buy a car instead of a few inches?

I’d recommend avoiding surgery at all costs. It’s expensive, and it can lead to side effects that can damage your peen and your sex life, which is what you’re trying to improve in the first place.

Instead of surgery, you can always get lose weight, get a cock ring or a pump, or get into small-dick centered kinks!

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