7 Weird Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction kills the party like nothing else.  Nothing else is worse than feeling inadequate because you can’t get an erection.  And to make things worse, when you get that hot girl in your bed who wants it then and there and you can’t get it up, it just brings on more anxiety and stress which makes the problem worse.

So what are some ED home remedies to use for solving this awful problem that can affect men of any age, race, or background without taking a trip to the doctor’s office to get expensive medication?

And of course a great first step to achieving regular (even supercharged) erections is to order a bottle of Res Erection from Amazon. But now that we’ve gotten that shameless plug out of the way, here are the top 7 things your can do from the safety of your own home to get those woodies more frequent.

#1 Quit Smoking

I know all the smokers out there aren’t going to be happy to hear this, but nothing corrodes penile blood flow faster than being a heavy smoker.  Sure an occasional cigarette here and there isn’t going to do much damage, but if you’re smoking consistently every day, then chances are it’s affecting your erections.  

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but it’s definitely the first step in getting healthy firm erections back.

For those of you who aren’t smokers – don’t start, and please see the rest of the six home remedies below.

#2 Get Some Exercise

Exercise is natural viagra.  Try aerobic exercises like jogging, biking, or swimming.  As you exercise, your body naturally produces nitric oxide to open blood vessels to your muscles.  

The same nitric oxide that drives blood flow into the penis.  So it’s not uncommon that after aerobic exercise you’ll have 4-5 hours of increased circulation down there.

You can also try weight training with heavy weights and compound movements such as the deadlift, squat, bench press, and pull up (or muscle up if you’re strong enough to do one).  The weight should be heavy enough such that you can only complete 5-8 repetitions.

Intense strength training using compound movements is going to skyrocket your testosterone and growth hormone levels – both of which will help you get those quality erections back.

Do beware, that overtraining can have the opposite effect and ruin your erections.  Be sure that you’re not overtraining more than 2 hours per day which can stress your body and hinder testosterone production.

#3 Stop Watching Porn (or Stop Jerking Off Altogether).

Popularized by the “No-Fap” movement, cutting out masturbation altogether than have a dramatic effect on your sex drive and erection quality.  While sometimes it’s not easy to exercise self-control in this manner, it’s well worth it.

Porn is highly stimulating to your brain, so much, that by overdoing it with porn your brain might not know how to get aroused properly when you’re with a real woman.  While most people can watch porn and be fine, many people have been diagnosed with porn-induced erectile dysfunction.  The best thing to do is to cut it out altogether and focus on getting the ladies in real life.

When you jerk off, testosterone levels go down.  However, when you have sex with a real girl, testosterone levels rise.  So you’re much better off preserving those nuts for something other than your hand.  Do yourself a favor and limit your jerk sessions to only once per week.

When porn use gets out of control it can even cause porn-induced erectile dysfunction, so try take a break off the PornHub if you want to keep your erections.

#4 Take a cold shower

This home remedy isn’t particularly fun.  Taking a cold shower, or even an ice bath, stresses your body in a healthy way and triggers your body to release more hormones including testosterone.  The result is harder and more frequent erections.  

Try to stay in the cold shower for at least 10 minutes, or until your body gets used to the temperature and is no longer uncomfortable.  While it sounds a little insane, taking a cold shower can really get your dick hard fast – and conveniently save you money on your energy bill.

#5 Add L-Arginine or L-Citrulline into Your Diet

These might not totally qualify as a “home remedy” but these essential amino acids can be found in common household foods such as popcorn and watermelon.  

Popcorn contains l arginine which helps relax the blood vessels in your penis, therefore, increasing blood flow and supporting erections.  If popcorn isn’t your thing, then head down to the supermarket or supplement store where you can simply buy l arginine in pill form.

Watermelon is a superfood when it comes to erections.  Watermelon, especially the less-tasty white part contains l-citrulline which is shown to support blood vessels even better than l arginine.  Try picking up an organic watermelon or even some watermelon juice.  This alone can have a very positive effect on your erections.

#6 Pomegranate Juice

Most people don’t drink pomegranate juice, and it while it’s not the tastiest juice it isn’t horrible either.  

Many supermarkets carry pomegranate juice from the brand POM.  Now, you don’t need much, just drink a quarter to a half a bottle on an empty stomach to feel the effects.

Pomegranate juice contains a host of anti oxides and vasodilators that will naturally increase blood flow to your penis and subsequently help you achieve a strong and firm erection.  It really is one of the cheapest, easily-accessible options for getting rid of erectile dysfunction from the safety of your own home.  

Plus you can use it as a mixer or drink it in front of your date without drawing any attention.

#7 Garlic + Vitamin C

Vitamin c isn’t just for getting over colds and preventing scurvy.  Bother garlic and vitamin c have positive effects on blood flow and prevent erectile dysfunction.

Even more interesting, is that when you combine these ingredients, their synergetic effect produces and pronounced and immediate result.  Try picking up some vitamin c pills from any supermarket, drugstore, or supplement store.  

Most likely you’ll be able garlic in pill form on the same aisle.  Now you want to take about 2 grams of vitamin c (more than the daily recommended dose) and about 3-5 of the garlic pills on an empty stomach.  15 minutes after consuming the nitric oxide levels in your body can spike up to 300% leading to spontaneousness erections.  While most people don’t know about this home remedy for erectile dysfunction, it certainly is one of the most effective.

Of course if you’re looking for an easy confidence ( and performance ) booster on the go, you can always pick up a gas station dick pill.

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