Here’s How to Actually Make Your Dick Bigger According to Science

If you ask most western doctors if you can make your dick bigger, unfortunately, you’re in for an answer you won’t like.  Doctors agree that there simply is no possibly way to make your dick bigger.

Thankfully, these doctors are wrong about penis growth (and wrong about several other things) and their big-pharma-funded medical schools just simply don’t provide adequate education to tackle real world problems like how exactly to get a bigger dick.

Taking a step back and looking at real science, it’s easy to deduce that penis growth in fact can be achieved, quite simply.  Simply put, your penis does grow substantially during puberty and then it stops growing. Therefore penis growth should be possible if we can create an environment in the body similar to puberty.

Starting from basic principles, we can then emulate the biochemistry that caused dick growth during puberty to grow our dicks after puberty.

Puberty introduces a surge of testosterone, growth hormones, and other growth factors and prostaglandins.  Without getting too scientific here, the actually mechanism of how your dick grows during puberty goes something like this.

Frequent (and often times extreme or even painful) boners start popping up for boys during puberty.  Sometimes this happens during the day (or in class) which can lead to awkward situations, but most of this actually takes place at night while you sleep.

These frequent, and generally super-hard, erections force nutrient and hormone-rich blood into the penis.  The pressure of the erection forces more and more blood into the penis, essentially stretching and filling the tissue fuller and fuller of blood.

This mode of increasing pressure from more blood entering the penis tells the body that your penis blood vessels and tissue MUST grow to accommodate the extra blood flow.

The second piece of penis growth during puberty comes from the actual components of the blood entering.  Puberty is where key hormone levels are highest, namely testosterone and human growth hormone.  They hormones naturally decrease with age, which is why well need to do everything we can to optimize our hormone levels for dick growth.  

It’s these hormones and growth factors inside the blood that actually give your penis (as well as your other body parts and muscles) the right ingredients to start growing.  So natural penis growth during (and after) puberty really comes down to 3 key factors, increasing blood flow, increasing testosterone, and optimizing growth hormone in the blood.

Let’s go over each key that helps make your dick bigger according to science.

Increasing Blood Flow

Let’s go over some of the do’s and don’ts of increasing blood flow to your penis.  The biggest killer of blood flow is smoking cigarettes, so if you’re a smoker and want to increase your dick size, stop smoking now.  This actually includes vaping too (which is better) because it still deposits junk and tar into the vascular system.

As I’ve said before in other articles here, exercise is god’s natural viagra.  Sedentary lifestyle is bad for your vascular system, and bad for your dick.  You absolutely must stay active by including cardio or weight training into your daily routine if you’re looking to maximize blood flow to your dick.  The effects of exercise on your circulation can last long after your work out has finished.

The final piece of achieving maximum blood flow to your dick for growth is to incorporate a few key supplements into your daily routine.  Now if you’re not interested in popping 10 pills a day, and buying tons of expensive supplements month over month, of course ( not to toot our own horn) we recommend finding a quality dick pill like Res Erection which includes ALL of the key ingredients that increase blood flow to your penis.

Increasing Testosterone

I’m going to cover how to increase your testosterone naturally in this article and not cover the pharmaceuticall way (testosterone replacement).  If you are over the age of 35 and don’t mind suppressing your natural testosterone levels, then clinical testosterone replace definitely can be a valuable tool.

Heavy compound lifts increase testosterone (and growth hormone) in the blood stream.  Try incorporating squats, deadlifts, and muscle ups into your workout routine and keep the weight heavy enough so that you can also comfortably get 5-8 reps – this is going to do the trick.

If your interested in learning all the ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels, I suggest you check out the book TestShock.  And while I can’t go over every single naturally testosterone increasing method here, I will give a few more quick tips on how to increase your t levels naturally,

Take zinc at night.  Zinc is a key ingredient for your body to make testosterone, take more than the recommended daily value (up to 300%).

Make sure you’re getting enough cholesterol in your diet (free roaming chicken eggs, and grass fed read meat) because that’s a key building block of testosterone (Yeah, I know all the doctors say cholesterol is bad, but it’s really just misunderstood).

Consider supplementing with Boron.  This is a very weird, and usually unheard of testosterone hack, but several studies show supplementing with a high dose of Boron can increase testosterone and decrease estrogen, two very good things for men.  Just remember, boron and zinc compete for absorption, so be sure to take boron in the morning and zinc at night to get the best results.

I know you must be thinking “what about all those penis pills on the market claiming to boost testosterone, do those work?”.  The answer is yes and no.  Many of these pills include a plethora of ingredients, some effective, but many completely ineffective.  When it comes to supplementing for increased testosterone you simply need to look at scientific studies – not hype or forum boards.  Here at Res Erection we take pride in only recommending testosterone increasing strategies and supplements backed by science.

Optimizing Growth Factors

Growth hormones, growth factors, and prostaglandins (things they help our tissue grow, among other things) naturally decrease with age.  It kind of goes without saying – growth hormone is highest during puberty (when you body is actually growing) and decreases sharply as you enter your 30s. 

Growth hormone has a myriad of benefits including fat loss, muscle gain, and even anti aging properties.  It’s no secret that many aging celebrities and sports stars using growth hormone replacement to keep their muscle tone and aging in check.

Of course growth hormone is extensively used in bodybuilding, baseball, and other sports (illegigally I may add, since it is considered a unfair advantage in professional sports).

If you remember how big Barry Bond’s head got after years of growth hormone use, then you know what I’m talking about.  Growth hormone has the ability to grow all parts of your body – muscles, bones, and organs.  So if it can grow your bones and muscles, it very well CAN grow your dick as well.

Like testosterone, many boutique and anti aging centric doctors, offer pharmetcutical grade growth hormone replacement.  This really isn’t a good option unless your over the age of 35 because for younger men it can do more harm then good.  So in this article, well go over some of the best natural ways to get a big increase in growth hormone for the purpose of growing our dick.

Heavy compound-exercise weight training WILL increase your growth hormone levels, as mentioned earlier.  Starting from basic evolutionary-physiology, it makes sense that stressing your body with heavy weight would send a signal to your brain to release growth hormones (your body is sending a signal that you need to grow and get stronger to deal with the given environment. 

Other than exercise, the easiest way to improve growth hormone is to optimize your sleep.  Since growth hormone is released while you sleep, and sleep disturbances will have a negative impact.  To learn more about how to optimize your sleep for increased growth hormone production and dick growth, then check out Sleep Smarter.

Another great way to increase growth hormone is to incorporate intermittent fasting into your diet.  Intermittent fasting is when you only eat during certain period (window) of the day.  It sounds challenging but it’s really quite simple.

The easiest way to get started with intermittent fasting is to simply skip breakfast – do not consume anything with calories until after 12 noon (and push it further into the afternoon if you can).  Mornings without breakfast or calories can be hard for the first few days, but eventually your body adapts and you won’t even be hungry in the morning at all.  You can learn more about the other benefits of intermittent fasting at KinoBody.

Beyond exercise, diet, and sleep, the next natural way to boost your growth hormone is with the right supplements.  Taking up to 2 grams of both L-arginine and L-orthonine before bed has been shown to markedly increase growth hormone production that very same night.  Another supplement to try before bed is GABA, which can help you sleep better and produce more growth factors.

Wrap Up

Like everything in life, making your dick bigger isn’t easy.  But it’s not impossible.  If your dick grew significantly during puberty, than it certainly must be possible to grow it again.  It all comes down to getting you’re body’s state similar to what it was during puberty. 

We accomplish this by maximizing blood flow to the penis, and ensuring that our blood is rich in testosterone and growth factors to provide the necessary ingredients for penis growth.

Most doctors, scratch that, most people will tell you that making your dick bigger is impossible.  It’s not.  And it’s this type of close-mindedness that makes people give up on their dreams.  Nothing is impossible it just takes hard work. Or enlargement surgery, but if I were you I’d choose to go the natural route.

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