Now Leaked: Average Dick Size of 2019 [New Data]

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see a guy with an average bod? Are you super ripped and athletic? Or do you fit into the dad bod category? Well, when you take your pants off what do you see? Are you average? Below average? Above?

What average means in terms of penis size usually changes depending on who you ask. If you’re talking to someone who has a smaller dick or has a boyfriend with a smaller dick their number might be lower… or is it higher?

… but there is a true average according to science! Curious? Read on, dear reader. Read on…

Let’s define “average”…

According to a study recently published in the British Journal of Urology International which used information from 17 previous academic studies that measured a total of 15,521 male penises, a penis is on average 9.16 cm flaccid and 13.12 cm erect. We’re using centimeters here because science, but for all of you using feet to measure things that translates to about 3.61 inches while soft and 5.16 inches while fully torqued.

Based on what a lot of people have said, they assumed average was closer to 6 or 7 inches! This is either due to their own bias due to their dick (as most men think that they are at or below average in terms of length) or because of porn as most porn actors have above average sized penises.

Both men and women have a skewed idea of what average is. There’s a good chance that women might have a better idea of what average turely is as they see multiple dicks from real life guys. Straight guys only look at their dicks and the dicks they see in porn.

Does “average” vary across racial lines?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m sure you’re familiar with jokes revolving around the size of Asian penises. In order to debunk these rumors (and to satisfy scientific curiosity), a group of researches decided to measure the penis sizes of men of various different races. So is there truth to this sad stereotype?

Well, kind of.

The global average boner length is around 13.71 cm (which again roughly translates to 5 inches). There is a slight variation when it comes to people of different races. And by slight variation, I mean tenths of a centimeter.

On average Black men are about a centimeter longer than the global average, and when it comes to East Asain men, they are 0.81 centimeters short than the global average. So yes, technically the stereotypes are true, but only when it comes down to 10ths of centimeters.

Anyone who isn’t ignorant will know that penis size doesn’t vary that much across racial lines. So don’t worry about not getting ass because you’re a particular race. There are people who are into you and your dick, don’t worry. You just have to find the right girl.

Isn’t bigger always better?


I could leave this answer at that, but I feel like I’m leaving you with more questions than answers by being brief.

While all the stars in porn tend to have massive dicks (aside from kinky porn where small dicks are what the whole BDSM scene centers around), that’s not what girls want.

Sure, the girls in the scene seem like they’re enjoying themselves but let’s be real they probably don’t feel that great in the long run. Having a 9-inch long dick destroying your vag for an entire porn shoot does not feel good at all! It’s not a joke when girls say they can’t walk straight the next day after getting fucked by a guy with a big dick, it’s true. Girls can be seriously sore after fucking a dude with a massive cock for days after. It can even make oral and anal sex difficult which is why you shouldn’t be jealous of a huge penis… it doesn’t always feel that good!

I mean come on, have you ever found your girl’s dildo and seen that it’s bigger than your forearm? NO. Girls don’t want a big dick. Girls want something that is big enough to get the job done (which doesn’t need to be that long because a woman’s g-spot is located a few inches inside the vagina) but that won’t cause long-term damage.

Plus if you want to get freaky, if you have an average sized dick it may make it easier. Oral will both be more comfortable for her, and it will feel better for you. Plus, anal is something that won’t seem like an impossibility.

There is such thing as boyfriend-dick. And if you have an average dick, congrats you have a boyfriend-dick. And that’s what you want. A girl is likely to have sex with you over and over again because she doesn’t have to worry about getting her vag destroyed on a regular basis.

In short, the average is smaller than you probably anticipated, so you don’t have to feel bad about your very average sized dick. Embrace what you have and don’t be insecure about your size (insecurity is the least attractive quality a man can have).

Besides, there’s truth to the saying that “It’s not the size of the wave, it’s the motion of the ocean” (my personal favorite alternative to this phrase is “it’s not the size of your pole, it’s how you wiggle your worm”). And ask any woman, and they will tell you that there is truth to this.

I know that my encouragement might not change how some of you reader’s feel. There are a few ways to adjust your size… you can lose weight as some of your shaft could be hiding in that beer belly of yours. And there are other factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease that can affect the size and shape of your boner! So if you feel that one of these factors might inform your anxiety, you should see a doctor.

You can also try penis exercises to help you boner get somewhat longer and stronger.

But if you’re feeling small, I recommend overcompensating in other ways… no not by the size of your truck, but by your cunnilingus skills or finger banging techniques. Good luck and happy fucking!

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