About RES Erection

Greg B.
Greg B.
creator of RES Erection

I’ve always been an average guy. Went to an ordinary school, had an average job, and an average wife - that’s wonderful I may add. I played baseball in school; although I was by no means athletic, I did get my fair share of ass.

When I was 29, I worked as a paralegal at a law firm, and the work was at times exciting, but mostly tiresome and even stressful. I had become sedentary and inactive, merely crashing on my couch after work to mindlessly watch Fraiser.

What happened next, occurred over many years - there’s no time I can put my finger on it, but my erections became weaker. No more morning wood, and while my wife and I used to have sex once a week, we seldom did anymore.

Somehow through the general bullshit of work, stress, and modern life, my sex drive (and performance) had diminished to extremely low levels.

What happened next, isn’t exactly that shocking considering the circumstances.

In 2005, I found out my wife cheated on me with a co-worker. On the inside, I was devastated. Instead of wallowing in sorrow, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I knew that my dick was the problem, and I needed to make a change fast - if I was going to keep her.

I worked tirelessly reviewing medical studies, peer-reviewed journals, ancient Chinese medical texts, and even interviewed a porn king to uncover the hidden truth about maximizing my performance in the bedroom.

Slowly but surely, I compiled a plan - which required my whole lifestyle to change. But with the help of some natural supplements, and thanks to pharmaceuticals being far more accessible these days, I was able to increase my sex drive, improve my erection quality, and ultimately keep my wife.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details here, but I’ve compiled several guides on how guys like you and me can improve their performance in the bedroom, have better erections, and ultimately keep their woman (or women) happy. Enjoy.