5 Controversial Penis Enlargement Rememdies

Almost every single guy out there has had a moment where they wished that they had a bigger dick. Whether it was while you were watching porn or having sex or right after she asked “Is it in?” when it was most definitely in, everyone has wished their dick was bigger. 

However, some people have done more than wish. Plenty of people are trying to make their dick bigger every single day. There are plenty of pills and oils and techniques that promise that if you use them, they’ll grow your dick beyond your wildest dreams. 

When it comes to talking about losing weight or breast enlargement for women, there isn’t much of a stigma. But it’s not like you can have a normal un-awkward conversation with your bros about how you want to grow your dick. A lot of these treatments are done in secret by people all over the world, and the only place they really think to talk about them is online with one another anonymously. 

So, how do these remedies work? Do they work? And are they dangerous? What don’t you know about these treatments from what you can read on message boards? Well, I’m here to tell you. 

Here are some of the most controversial treatments for growing your dick and how they actually work (and if they work): 

#1 Penis pumping

Penis pumps are used in sex and bondage scenarios pretty often. But you can also use them to make your dick bigger… or at least seem bigger. Penis pumping forces blood to flow into your dick and is usually used in combination with cock rings in order to keep that blood in your dick longer making your penis look much bigger and more substantial.

However, this doesn’t really make your dick bigger unless you use it religiously over the course of a few years. Pumping only makes your dick look bigger because it’s making blood rush to your dick to achieve the biggest possible erection for your body. 

So, penis pumping does technically work. It just doesn’t work particularly fast when it comes to adding length, but it does work fast if you want to achieve the largest erection physically possible.

And in most cases, it doesn’t hurt your dick! However, you can take it too far and basically bruise your penis. Doing this too often can lead to broken capillaries and damaged veins (which are the last things you want to damage since that’s where all that blood is rushing to). You can also suffer from loss of sensation. Sure, having a little more stamina is nice, but the last thing you want to lose is the feeling in your dick!

So when it comes to penis pumps just be careful! They can help in the bedroom so long as you’re not overusing them. 

#2 Jelqing

After trolling around Reddit for a while, I noticed that some guys are trying to grow their dick by using the “Jelq” technique. You do this by essentially trying to squeeze blood from one end of your dick to the glands, with force similar to the amount you’d use to try to get the last drop of toothpaste out of the tube. 

I’m not going to go into detail about how to use the technique because quite frankly you should not be doing this. 

Not only is “Jelq” more unpleasant to say that the word “moist” but the side effects of using this so-called technique are even more unpleasant. Unlike, pumping which takes some serious overuse to become a problem, Jelquing can literally break your dick. People have reported that they’ve straight up lost all feeling in their glands – or the tip – of their penis which is the most sensitive part of a male’s body. Others have reported that doing this actually lead to them to become impotent or develop symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction as early as their 20’s.

I don’t care how badly you want another inch, don’t do this. You risk losing your entire sex life for a centimeter of length or girth. It just isn’t fucking worth it. 

#3 Bullshit oils and pills

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t oils and pills out there that can help with your sex life and growing your dick because there are. But what I am saying is that some products are straight up bad for you. 

A lot of dick pills contain something called pregnanolone. While this compound naturally occurs in your body, it’s not something that you should be taking too much of. It’s been shown that this compound can actually negatively affect your mental health and is linked to schizophrenia. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to lose my mind in the pursuit of a slightly bigger dick. 

Another dangerous compound that’s in a lot of dick pills is Hawthorn Berry. Sure, it sounds harmless, but this compound can negatively affect you. Taking too much Hawthorn Berry can lead to nausea, dizziness, and can fuck with your cardiovascular system which is not only important for getting an erection but important, to ya know, stay alive. 

When it comes to pills and oils, you should be looking for particular compounds that are not only safe but are actually linked to growing your dick. Panaz ginseng is thought to help improve erectile responses! It’s also been proven that it’s safe and effective for improving the hardness of your dick!

Another compound you should look for is Gingko Biloba. Not only does it help with sexual arousal in women, but it helps with men as well. If you ask me, it seems like using this on your dick kills two birds with one stone.

A tip when using oils: try it out on your arm before you put it on your dick! Cover the area you used it on with a band-aid for a day and then check for redness or irritation. You’d rather find out your allergic by putting a little on your forearm than slathering your entire dick with the stuff! 

There are safer ways to grow your dick without pills or oils.

#4 Fillers

While I understand the want for plastic surgery, there is no way I’m ever going to let someone inject shit into my face let alone my penis. There are a ton of people who go to quack doctors to get injected with fillers to make their dick look thicker and longer.

To anyone considering this, I suggest watching a few episodes of that show Botched. Honestly, seeing how fucked up someone’s nose can be from a bad nose job will hopefully scare you from putting anything in your dick that doesn’t belong there. 

If you want to get surgery to make your dick longer don’t go the sketchy plastic surgery route, use something that’s actually FDA approved. 

#5 Penuma Implant

Speaking of FDA approval…

The FDA has recently approved the Penuma Implant, which is of one of the only enlargement surgeries they’ve approved. This thing goes into your dick and makes you both bigger and longer. It – hilariously enough – comes in size large, extra large, and double XL, because no one wants a “medium” sized penis. 

When it comes to results, this thing is amazing. With a 95% success rate, I was surprised that every guy didn’t have a bionic dick at this point! But then I looked at the price tag: $13,000. No thank you. I don’t have that kind of money lying around that I can dedicate to my dick. I don’t even pay for porn, why would I pay for a dick operation. 

Plus you have to stay abstinent for six weeks… that’s also a deal breaker for me. 

Honestly, the best thing that you can do for your dick is to be healthy. As I was doing research one fact kept coming up: A healthy heart makes for a healthy erection. So instead of dropping serious money to get your dick taken apart and put back together or wrecking your penis by squeezing it, I recommend joining a gym. 

Putting in some work in the gym and taking the right kind of supplements are all you need to make your shlong bigger and better than ever.

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